Everyone’s Inside: Selling Through COVID-19 with UserTesting CRO David Satterwhite

On-Demand Webinar


With everyone working from home, all sellers are inside sellers. Even beyond the COVID-19 outbreak, many people may need to work from home more frequently to protect themselves, their families, and their colleagues.

How can you help your team operate effectively and collaborate while they’re remote? Join David Satterwhite (CRO) and Katie Harkins (Director of Inside Sales) from UserTesting to hear how they are:

  • Extending inside sales best practices across the entire revenue team
  • Increasing collaboration, enablement, and engagement while everyone’s remote
  • Keeping morale high despite the uncertainty and stress
  • Shifting their GTM strategy and success metrics to align with the current environment


David and Katie’s real-world experience and pragmatic insights from their team and customers will help you find ways to support, manage, and focus your team and sell more effectively through the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.




David Satterwhite
CRO, UserTesting


Katie Harkins
Director of Sales, UserTesting