The New Abnormal: What Sales Engineering Needs to Do to Support Revenue Now



Sales engineers are used to working remote, on a variety of projects with different prospects and accounts. With current travel restrictions, the need to juggle work with everyday life (cats, dogs, kids, roommates, and more), and pipeline fluctuating due to COVID,  SEs face more challenges than ever. 


How can your sales engineering team stay focused and manage their time to optimize revenue and retention? What can you do to improve productivity and leverage your sales engineers unique skills?


Join Yuji Higashi (Head of Solutions Consulting at Outreach) and Matthew Norton (Head of Global Solutions Engineering at Slack) to learn key tactics to manage and deploy sales engineering resources effectively now. 


In this webinar, we will cover:
  • How to support newly remote and travel-restricted SEs with constant process reinforcement and communication
  • What to do to maintain and build morale
  • How to improve SE effectiveness and conversion with better demos and POCs/pilots
  • When and where to take on risk, if you have the capacity
  • Ways your SEs can add value to your organization when deal activity is light
  • Leaning in with your customers to strengthen relationships and build longterm value


Sales engineers are a scarce and valuable resource. You’ll see what Outreach and Slack are doing to ensure they maximize SE leverage and impact to win more.




Yuji Higashi
Head of Solutions Consulting, Outreach


Matthew Norton
Head of Global Solutions Engineering, Slack