Real Time Sales Engagement

Strategies for Uncovering Hidden Engagement Opportunities with Your Prospects to Deliver a Better Buyer Experience



According to a recent survey by Outreach and Peer Signal, one of the top sales behaviors that hurts Sales reps in their deals is “Bad Follow Up”

With sellers engaging so many prospects and tracking data across so many systems, it’s easy to miss important next steps and timely follow-up.

In this webinar, Troops’ Scott Britton and Outreach’s Max Altuscher talk about some of the implications of Bad Follow-up across the customer lifecycle, and the root causes that are contributing to these behaviors. Tune in to hear them share strategies and best practices all sellers can employ so that they’re always following up with their prospects and customers with the right message and next steps at exactly the right time.



li-scott-britton Max Altschuler  
Scott Britton
Max Altschuler
VP of Sales Engagement, Outreach


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