Webinar: How to Stay Productive When Everyone Is Remote
On-Demand Webinar

With everyone remote due to the COVID-19 outbreak, what can you do to stay productive and focused?

At 900 people, InVision is the largest fully remote workforce (no HQ) in the world. Learn how Ryan Burke onboarded and managed an entirely remote sales team at InVision.

He'll be sharing tips on how to optimize for the three Cs:

  • Communication: planning, documentation & DACI model
  • Collaboration: the remote org tech stack
  • Culture: hiring, on-boarding & accountability

By the end, you will understand why Ryan believes remote organizations are the future of work and why work/life integration is at the center of it all. 


Ryan Burke

Ryan Burke
SVP, Invision

Scott Britton

Scott Britton
Co-Founder, Troops