Unfreezing Pipeline II: Is the Price Right? with ProfitWell & Vendr



Pricing can be a fraught topic both within a company and with prospects and customers. Now, as we settle in for the long haul with COVID, it’s more of a hot button issue than ever.


Join this webinar to hear practical tips from pricing strategy expert Patrick Campbell, founder and CEO of ProfitWell (famed for their data-driven pricing teardowns) and pricing negotiation expert Ryan Neu, founder and CEO of Vendr (specialists in negotiating the best deals on behalf of clients).


  • How do you know when the price is right, given market uncertainly?
  • What can you do as a buyer to negotiate the best deal in the COVID era?
  • What pricing and packaging criteria should vendors consider now?
  • What kinds of discounts work best, for both buyers and sellers? (especially during the COVID crisis)
  • What should you avoid, both as buyers and sellers, despite COVID impact and concerns?

We’ll cover both the buyer and seller points of view to give you valuable tactics that will help you sell more of your products and negotiate the best prices on your purchases in 2020.



ryan headshot white-1

Ryan Neu
Founder, Vendr

Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell
Founder & CEO, ProfitWell