How MEDDICC Helps Drive Predictable Revenue



The fastest route to revenue starts with a healthy pipeline and a consistent deal qualification process. Sales organizations are anchoring on methodologies like MEDDICC to help their sales organizations maintain a healthy pipeline, close high-value opportunities and increase overall deal velocity.

Join two MEDDICC enthusiasts, John Kaplan, President at Force Management and Roque Versace, CRO at as they explore the power of the MEDDICC methodology and share examples of how companies are using MEDDICC today to propel their sales organizations forward.

Here’s what they’ll cover:

  • Navigating Covid-19 sales challenges
  • Using MEDDICC to drive revenue predictability
  • What MEDDICC gives back to sales reps, managers and leaders
  • Best Practices for executing high-impact MEDDICC results



john kaplan

John Kaplan
President at Force Management

Roque Versace-1

Roque Versace
CRO at