RevOps Webinar Series: How outbound prospecting & recruitment startup Interseller does it



Finding the right prospects for your team to recruit can be tough. Getting them to respond is even tougher. Market-leading companies like Braintree, Cockroach Labs, Compass, and Squarespace all work with Interseller to find the people they need to grow their business and simplify their outreach process. Interseller’s software streamlines and automates day-to-day tasks of prospecting, recruiting, emailing and data entry so that customers can find the right sellers and automate the selling process.

As a small, growing company, Interseller’s approach to RevOps is lean and focused. Anything that doesn’t directly help add a new customer or grow an existing one doesn’t make the cut.

Join our 30-minute session with Steven Brady, sales leader turned RevOps guru, to get a crash course in RevOps from a scrappy startup veteran. He's applying everything he learned working at hyper-growth company Square to his new startup, as well as refining it and streamlining for a smaller team.

Learn what Interseller does to keep their focus on revenue growth and finding ways to scale, while staying true to their roots. Steven will share his perspectives on:

  • What RevOps has to do to support revenue teams now
  • How Interseller manages RevOps with a small team
  • The keys to metrics and reporting
  • What he’s learned about product-market fit from working on RevOps
  • Things to consider for different stages of growth (seed, startup, expansion, growth, and beyond)


Steven Brady

Steven Brady
Head of Sales, Interseller