RevOps Webinar Series: How Cameo designs processes that inspire creativity 



Cameo's mission is to create the most personalized and authentic fan experiences in the world. They are a marketplace where users can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite people to their favorite people.

Closing and enabling celebrities like Snoop Dog requires strong process, data fluency, and tons of creativity. At Cameo, the RevOps team must understand the needs of the supply side (celebrity talent) and the demand side (regular people) to build processes that will support their creative DNA but are also designed for scale and rapid growth.

Join our 30-minute session with Sierra Parker, Director of Operations, where we discuss how to:

  • Construct the right technology stack from the onset
  • Design processes that enable sales creativity
  • Run experiments to find the right KPIs
  • Make strategic changes that support growth
  • Incentivize team selling and collaboration


Sierra Parker

Sierra Parker
Director of Operations, Cameo