RevOps Webinar Series: How global tech talent powerhouse Andela does it



Recognized by Forbes as “the next billion-dollar startup,” Andela is a global technology talent powerhouse with over 1,600 employees worldwide. The company provides more than 1,000 skilled software engineers for brands like Coursera, Github, InVision, Headspace, and Viacom.

Those engineers are located in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Egypt, and Ghana. As a distributed and remote company with global operations, Andela’s revenue operations can be complicated.

Join us for a 30-minute chat with Valerie Papa, RevOps Manager at Andela, about how they tackle the challenges of communication, collaboration, and productivity. She’ll cover key issues for RevOps, like:


  • How Andela structures RevOps to support success
  • What communication tools and tactics are working
  • How to collaborate effectively across revenue teams
  • How to measure and report on productivity
  • Supporting remote teams


valerie papa

Valerie Papa
RevOps Manager, Andela