The Definitive Guide to Account Based Collaboration: Part I

Close and expand your biggest deals selling as a team. 

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Increase your Team's Performance today

Account Based Collaboration (ABC) is paving the way for stronger customer relationships, accelerated sales cycles and increased win rates.

In 2018, an average of 8.2 stakeholders were involved in a B2B purchasing decision. Yes, the buyer’s journey is never straightforward. We’ve created this practical eBook to guide to learn your way around ABC. In the eBook, you will learn:

  • Why a move toward a collaborative sales culture is necessary
  • The criteria for using account based collaboration (including cheat sheet!)
  • The benefits of account based collaboration
  • How to implement account based collaboration

Full Chapter List

Chapter 0 Introduction
Chapter 4 The Benefits of ABC
Chapter 1 A Brief History of Sales
Chapter 5 Success Story: LaunchDarkly
Chapter 2 What is ABC?
Chapter 6 How to Implement ABC
Chapter 3 Who Should Use ABC?
Chapter 8 Investing in the Future of Sales